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The Fourth Age of SOF: The Use and Utility of Special Operations Forces in a New Age: History, Theory and Future Practices
3/29/2022 - 3/30/2022
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In a world increasingly defined by the Compound Security Dilemma and marked by conditions of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, no component of the military element of national power is better prepared to help secure vital U.S. interests than the nation's Special Operations Forces (SOF). U.S. SOF is ever-evolving in order to meet the challenges of an uncertain future, which now sees the dawning of a Fourth Age of SOF. An understanding of the ways in which SOF previously deterred conflict and combatted the nation's enemies is necessary, but not sufficient, to meet the challenges of the future. With an eye on the past and a focus on the future, this forum provides a platform in which to consider, debate, and explore what are sure to be many answers to the question, "What kinds of personnel, capabilities, authorities, mission sets, equipment and doctrine will best prepare America's Special Operations Forces to succeed  in the Fourth Age of Special Operations?"

Special Operations 20 Years After 9/11: Harvesting History to Forecast the Future
9/8/2021 - 9/9/2021
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For the past two decades the United States has largely focused on wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and counterterrorism operations in response to the 9/11 attacks. Although the U.S. has adjusted its focus away from these conflicts and towards strategic competition, the national security institutions executing the policy change have been shaped by the Global War on Terror (GWOT) and the operational environment it produced. With the rebalance towards strategic competition, SOF practitioners and their partners must appreciate how the recent past shapes the present and forecast what changes are required to be effective in the future compound security environment. Embracing this reality, JSOU's 4th quarter, FY21 "Future of SOF" Virtual Forum will reflect on two important factors that shaped the GWOT operational environment and will continue to shape the compound security environment:  the expansion of the SOF/IC relationship and the technologies that inform and enable operations.

Exploring SOF Identity Forum
3/15/2021 - 3/16/2021
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The Exploring SOF Identity Forum is for ALL levels of special operations professionals, academics and stakeholders in the special operations enterprise. We seek a diverse audience to engage in discourse on topics including:  1) SOF Utility, 2) Ethics, 3) Emergent and Disruptive Technology, and 4) Diversity and Inclusion. These are some of the most important topics for special operations currently, and our goal is to engage a broad audience - senior leaders, leaders, operators, and academics, any of whom may be engaged in strategic, operational and/or tactical level commands - with unique experiences and ideas in order to truly EXPLORE these emerging problem-sets. Discourse among divergent minds is the objective - getting after the right questions, correctly framing the problems, opening minds - not so much solving the problems at this point.