Theater Special Operations Command Staff Preparation Course-Mobile

SOF Staff and Enabling Support TSPC-M ASA 2210 Nomination Only Unclassified


The TSPC-M curriculum is joint focused course for newly assigned Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) personnel. This fast-paced course gives non-joint personnel exposure to Special Operations Forces (SOF) core activities through a joint lens in order to gain an appreciation of how SOF leverages employment/funding authorities to build theater security cooperation capability and capacity. Additionally, students will understand how a joint TSOC plans for, operates, and leverages U.S. special operations capabilities to compete in an era of Strategic Competition. Finally, through a series of practical exercises, students appreciate how a TSOC supports the Geographic Combatant Command's operational and strategic theater goals in support of national and defense security strategy in a Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental and Multinational (JIIM) environment. This Theater Special Operations Command Staff Preparation Course-Mobile (TSPC-M) is a five-day in-residence educational event taught at the sponsoring TSOC Headquarters. To hasten the learning curve and increase the understanding of the material, TSOC leadership have established additional on-boarding requirements prior to attending the resident phase. These distance learning requirements include Introduction to Special Operations Forces course, Joint Special Operations Task Force course, Joint Planning Process course, Introduction to Irregular Warfare course (I2WC) and Security Cooperation course. Students will follow instructions in the TSOC Welcome Letter upon enrollment. Duration: Five (5) working days Location: The course is conducted as a hybrid via distance learning (DL) over 30 days. The remaining five days are conducted in-resident at the TSOC location or at the Joint Special Operations University.


Priority of enrollment is given to newly assigned/hired TSOC military and civilian (GS/Contractor) personnel or those personnel serving as in-theater SOF enablers to the TSOC. Recommended ranks are E6-E9, O1-O5, WO1-CW5 and GS 09-14.


The synchronous learning will be conducted in the sponsoring TSOC’s time zone.


All required texts and materials will be available to the student on either the course e-Campus site or issued upon arrival in the classroom. Each student MUST have after hours – NOT in the classroom – access to commercial internet and the course e-Campus site throughout the course.


JSOU is currently an accredited educational institution accredited through the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET) - a national accrediting agency recognized by the Department of Education. This course has been reviewed and accredited.

24G (29-Jul-2024 to 02-Aug-2024)
Location: Homestead
Comments: Enrollment Opens: 10 April 2024. Enrollment Closes: 22 July 2024. In-Resident Start Date: 29 July 2024. In-Resident End Date: 2 August 2024.
24F (12-Aug-2024 to 16-Aug-2024)
Location: Stuttgart
Comments: Enrollment Open In-Resident at Stuttgart Start Date: 12 Aug 2024 In-Resident at Stuttgart End Date: 16 Aug 2024.
24E (09-Sep-2024 to 13-Sep-2024)
Location: Peterson AFB
Comments: In-Resident Start Date: 9 September 2024. In-Resident End Date: 13 September 2024. Registration Open: 08 August 2024
Enrollment Closed