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Established in 2022, the JSOU Non-Resident Fellows Program is a one-year, voluntary fellowship for talented practitioners and thought leaders who have an interest in developing and propagating Special Operations-relevant ideas under JSOU’s imprimatur and with the advisement of an assigned faculty mentor. JSOU welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and nationalities.

JSOU is currently conducting a review of the Non-Resident Fellows Program and will not be accepting applications for 2024-2025.

Current JSOU Non-Resident Fellows will remain in the program through September 1, 2024.

Fellows are expected to:
  • Contribute substantively to at least one JSOU research project (existing or proposed) or to the development and delivery of one JSOU course
  • Publish at least one JSOF-unique piece through the JSOU Press or an affiliated publication/venue
  • Moderate at least one panel or discussion ISO ThinkJSOU, Future of JSOF Fora, IWI Podcasts, or a similar venue
  • Advertise JSOU affiliation on CV and social networks
Fellows benefit from:
  • Association with JSOU
  • Access to JSOF community through JSOU
  • Mentorship by JSOU faculty
  • Quarterly development sessions with JSOU & JSOF senior leaders
  • Exploring opportunities for further affiliation (including as adjunct faculty)

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