Leadership Foundations for Joint SOF Professionals (Pilot)

Department of the SOF Profession LFJSOFP LDE 3230 Open Nomination Only Unclassified


Created by SOF, for SOF! This course is the first course in the Joint SOF Leadership & SOF Professional Ethic Integrated Program of Study with Cornell University. It offers foundational SOF professional development and a SOF-specific leadership education. It transforms a SOF professional’s mindset from that of an individual, small-unit leader to an organizational, large-unit leader focused on executive actions that lead to positive strategic effects.  There are five online modules designed to transform individual military leadership experiences into highly effective organizational and strategic leadership skills essential for members of the joint SOF profession. For student planning purposes, Modules 1-4 are designed to be completed in 2 weeks (5.5 - 6.5 contact hours/week). Module 5 is designed to be completed in 1 week (16 contact hours). Module 1 must be completed first. Modules 2-4 may be taken in any order; recommend taking them sequentially if possible. Module 5 is the course assessment module and must be completed last. The course will be open and available for the quarter for the convenience of the students.


Primary – Entry-level Joint SOF professionals who deploy and conduct operations at the SOF team-level or detachment-level. Secondary – Joint SOF enablers working in the SOF profession.


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23C (03-Apr-2023 to 30-Jun-2023)
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