Big Data for Generals... and Everyone Else over 40

Authored by:
David Ellis, Mark Grzegorzewski, Karl Aspelund, Justin Brunelle, Dave Bryson, Andrew Geyer, Bohyun Kim, Paul Lieber, Pedro Cesar Lopes Gerum, Joan Peckham, D.J. Shyy, Guarav Tanwar, Nishka Uberoi, Yaakov S. Weinstein, Mark Zais
Published on 12/31/2021
Digital Only
The artificial intelligence (AI) arms race is well under way with great powers, secondary powers, and even non-state actors actively pursuing the weaponization of this technology in a variety of ways. The purpose of this edited volume is to demystify the capabilities and limitations of AI-based military solutions. With a conversational tone and progressive learning trajectory across the chapters, Big Data for Generals … and Everyone Else over 40 provides an accessible but comprehensive overview of the concepts and considerations for making emerging technology a true force multiplier for the Special Operations Forces enterprise.