SOF Creative Problem Solving – Fundamentals Online

Innovation & Experimentation Lab SCPS-FO SOC 3470-V Open Nomination Only Unclassified


This fully-online, semi-synchronous, faculty-guided course is designed to provide students with an orientation to the fundamentals of creativity and innovation, as well as an introduction to a 4-stage, deliberate creative problem-solving methodology for application in SOF-peculiar contexts. Students are provided a weekly module consisting of approx. 4-5 hrs of self-paced educational content (assigned articles, chapters, case-studies, videos, podcasts) and are expected to complete weekly check-on-learning assessments including, but not limited to: a) quizzes; b) writing assignments / discussion board posts; c) creative product development challenges; and d) .ppt / concept briefings. Important: this class format is designed for students who are working their day job but who also have an ability to participate in a weekly Zoom Gov meeting with faculty to review material and receive feedback on their work. Total time commitment: approx. 5 hrs per week


Personnel assigned to USSOCOM, its components, TSOCs, and those units and agencies in direct support of USSOCOM. Others will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Grades: E-5 to E9 and O-1 to O-10 and Government Civilian equivalents. *24 seats available per iteration This course is available to international partners. Prospective international students must contact the security cooperation training element at the U.S. Embassy in his/her country to initiate course attendance. Provide the following MASL Number: D400040


Students will have access to all required materials through JSOU’s e-campus.

There are no scheduled events for this course